Tuesday Evening

Weekday Series Themed Poems About an Impossible Crush

It’s 8pm
And I can smell Fall blooming
Looming are the orange leaves
And everything it means
To shed the past
Shedding all that holds us back
From being able to begin
And when I drove to work this morning
With the heater on
And your playlist loud
I smiled
Feeling all of the joy in that word
As if there’s a means to an end
As if there’s an actual end that means something
An end
To the five year nap
I’m just waking up from
And it’s nice to come to
Just in time for hoodie season
Just in time to try to make sense of the reasons
I feel these things for you
I felt it in the morning brisk
In the chill of the mid-October
Early morning breeze
And in all of the gray clouds
I could see
A beginning
I could see
And I turned the volume up
And I rolled the windows down
And I let the first rain kiss my skin
And I left the heater on
I let the nostalgia of a freshly blooming Fall have me
All of me
And when I finally got to work
I couldn’t remember the drive
Only the time
And in all of this was your face
Smiling at me through the playlist that I made
Just to remind me of you

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My Name is They

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