Summer and Mean It

there's no better season for starting over

In this newfound Summer freedom
With short sleeves
And sun-kissed skin
The hot lips of a cloudless day
And I remember what it’s like
To walk hand-in-hand
With someone who smiles
Just because they know you
Just because when they turn their head
They know you’ll already be smiling
With ice cream streaking the corners of your lips
Melting everywhere but your mouth
That’s what Summer does to us
Gives us everything sweet we’d long forgotten
But never stopped longing for
Since we were kids
And in this
Are the sticky messes we aim to never clean
Are the t-shirt stained sleeves we can bleach
When we have to grow up again
Sometime at the end of September
But until then
Let’s make a mess of everything
Stain every piece of clothing we own
So when we do have to look back
There’s proof that we were here
And that we weren’t afraid to let the Sun
Kiss us and mean it