Hello... I Love You

a poem for human beings

an average conversation with a stranger:
“hello. I Love You.”

and I’ve got nothing else to offer but cracked ribs
caged by the display of my stain-glass smile
fragile but full of faith
this is Me
a Poet dipped in Human skin
trying to believe in a theory:
words can change the world
and I want to be the kind of girl
strong enough to Love everybody in earshot

“hello. I Love You.”

but I’ve got empty pockets
full of honesty and nothing tangible
nothing to hand You as collateral to promise You I mean it
so, I’ll just keep repeating it until You believe it
until it sinks in so deep
You’ll never see the icebergs creeping up
streaming through the still fogged ideas people breed
like hate doesn’t mean anything
fate crashes ships but people pull the triggers
starting wars over nothing bigger than a God complex
and I’ll bet their God is thinking:
“if you Love me, put a ring on it
because these weapons of mass murder are just destructive
stop it”

and in my empty pockets
I carry around first-aid kits for the living
in the giving shape of outstretched arms
hoping to find a cure for all harm
disarm the ripple effect of verbal missiles
and issue a state of world peace in the color of a wedding ring for Humanity
but I don’t just want to fix the broken wings on war birds
I want to heal lepers with my words
have the nerve to yawp like Walt from the rooftops of tall buildings with:
“hello. I Love You.”

but You don’t have to stand skyscrapers to the heavens to scream truth
just be You and You’ll see
that some short people wear their height so good that it shadows mountains made of stereotypes
was not one of these
what he was
just another kid teased for being different
and complex insecurities don’t kill
but the hate behind their birth does

while Love
at point blank range
has never killed anybody

so, tell Me that you Love Me too, already
pickup the concrete wall we all place around these 3 small words
and let your heart be heard
let the magma of emotion explode so big
we all learn how to breathe under water
see 20/20 under the safety of salty waves crashing down like the gavel of supreme courts
judging is not a state of being
it’s a choice
so let your voice speak in metrics
systematically created for universal comprehension
teach like You’ve got an encyclopedia of lessons built within Your tongue
the strongest muscle in the body
has the ability to kill or Love

so, bring hugs back like they never went out of style
and after a while it’ll hit you:
not even 12 angry men know how to convict death
why should you?

So, when you meet a stranger
start with this:
“hello. I Love You.”