Call Cut

just another poem about love stuff

you wear love on your sleeve the way they used to
in black and white and dramatic celluloid
and we kiss
to the sound of remixed Mozart
and renovated Beethoven
but nobody really cares
and we
we’re not really listening
we’re too distracted by the moments
by the memories we’re living in
as we’re living in them
when we kiss on action
never command
because that’s what feels good
because it makes more sense to memorize the feel of our lips
than to regurgitate the passion of our past lived scripts
we kiss
to taste the birth of our breath
the same way exhaling winter mornings lingers in our sight
just long enough to believe that we breathe forever from our lungs
i inhale forever in your presence

until i look up
across this small table
through the mist of my scared shitless tears
through my broke poet eyes
and watch you pay for our wine
for the 109th time
while watching the pain of my pride
because I still can’t afford it
i pray that you always keep your sleeve
that you never take off your skin
or choose to trade it in
for a girl that would rather to provide
instead of try
to live up to what i know i’ve got inside

i might not ever be rich
but i’ve got gold in my blood stream
and palms-up nervous hands
from trying to shake a promised land lottery
into a life-size American dream
call me a ‘49er
because i might as well be
i’ll dress up like Lewis
you can be Clark
and we’ll start at the beginning
with a wagon full of supplies
and the promise that we’ll both survive
because this isn’t the Oregon Trail
call this Jovi’s Way
i don’t believe in repetition
i believe that emotions echo prouder the louder we feel them
and if i’m right
then blueprint my heart the new Wall Street
and label it “OCCUPIED”
with 100% love
for the way
you still wear love in your eyes the way they used to
in black and white and dramatic celluloid
and when we kiss
It’s timeless and eternal
until one of us calls cut
just so we can watch the audience walk away
so we can privately replay our favorite romantic take
because we both know
that nobody ever stays for the credits